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Interesting: Sugar Scrub Cubes

I saw several items on Pinterest about sugar scrub cubes. I have made sugar scrub several times now and it is really simple. I will have to write a post about it soon. But sugar scrub cubes were intriguing, because they keep longer and are easier to store and you can make them into fun shapes (the best part).

I looked over several recipes and finally found one that looked simple and had good results. It requires that you weigh your ingredients but I have a kitchen scale that I use for baking and weighing yarn already so this was easy. I decided to make a slightly smaller batch than the recipe called for just to test it out.

Here is the recipe:
4 ounces melt of pour goats milk soap
4 ounces of an almond and olive oil mix
12 ounces of white sugar
A cheer up buttercup essential oil blend

First you melt the soap and oil. I did this in the microwave but you can also do it in a double boiler on the stove. Then, working quickly, stir in the sugar. Some of the recipes I found said the mixture hardens very quickly and I did find that the mixture was fairly solid but it still squished easily into my molds. I used some silicone baking molds in heart and flower shapes. I think because the ratio of oil and soap is equal in this recipe the chances of the mixture becoming totally hard very fast are low. The cubes are still just very slightly squishy a few days later. I think this is a good thing, they will definitely be easily squished up in the shower. They do hold their shape just fine, but they are definitely not rock hard.


I totally recommend trying this if you are into sugar scrubs. I plan to make more with different scents. I will let my boys try some too and we will report back on how well they work.

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