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Interesting 8: Knit Headband

I have been busy the last few weeks with secret Christmas knitting but here are a few projects I can show you.

I received some yarn recently as a random act of kindness from a Ravelry swap partner. I was going to use it to make hexipuffs but I liked it so much I decided to make a headband instead.

The yarn is Trekking Tweed (the swap person who sent it to me had lost the ball band awhile back so wasn’t sure) and it’s really neat yarn. It’s a tweed but the tweed bits are all different colors. So the yarn is a lovely natural color with bits of red, blue, yellow, and green in it. Sort of a secret hidden rainbow in the yarn.

I made this Modern Garden Cardigan in a few days it was super fast! The buttons are from etsy and are handmade from a tree branch and stamped with a tree.

Here is a sneak peek at a current project.

Dark gray and rainbow yarn, I am in heaven!

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