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Interesting 6: Beads and MKALs

I have been beading more of my knitting projects lately. It takes a little extra time but with all the time that is already put into a knitted item it seems worth it to make it special. Beads can be different sizes and deciding on what size to use for which project can be complicated. It can also depend on what you can find locally. I have the hardest time finding size 8 beads which are a good size to use with lace. They are not quite a tiny as 10s, which will work, and they aren’t quite as big as 6s which look nice but can add a lot of weight to a project. I can easily find 2s, 6s, 10s, and even tiny 11s, but not 8s! I visited a local bead store, the Beaded Iris, to obtain my elusive 8s. They had a really nice selection at great prices. I will definitely go back the next time I need beads.

The beads I found are going to be part of my Mary Lennox shawl, which is a Secret Garden inspired shawl Mystery Knit-A-Long (MKAL) on Ravelry. I really love MKALs, it gives me a timeline to work with, because I want to finish each clue before the next clue is released. It is also awesome to see other people’s progress on the project and view how different yarns and colors can make an impact on the finished object. The Mary Lennox shawl has been a really fun MKAL because the designer has provided a lot of choices in each clue, and so many people have added their own creative touches to it.

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