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Interesting 5: Mini-skein Dyeing

I made up a bunch of mini skeins so I could experiment with various colors combinations and techniques. I have finally succumbed to the lure of hexipuffs (also known as the Beekeeper’s Quilt, a super awesome pattern by Tiny Owl Knits). I want to make each hexipuff something special to me or to my family. I think I will start with a Dr. Who hexipuff from some awesome yarn called Police Box that I received as part of a swap on Ravelry. There are a ton of different charts and ideas on Ravelry for various nerdy and neat hexipuffs.


These mini skeins were an experiment with color percentage. They are all from the same color of turquoise dye just in different concentrations. The middle one is full strength and the two on the right are medium and light. The two on the left I dyed from top to bottom dark to light, but I have re-twisted the second one to show the color variation differences. It was a good experiment and gave me a good idea of what the colors will look like from the dye solution to the final product.


The two on the left are Dr Who inspired. Blue with a bit of white and a tiny bit of black. The two on the right were just a play of various colors of blues, greens and grays.


The one on the left was an interesting experiment. I untwisted the mini skein and put it in a loose pile then injected purple dye in the middle of the pile, squished it with my hand and left it to absorb as it would. I like the results. The one on the right is just a combo of blues and purples.

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