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Delicious 1: Brownies

I have a thing for chocolate and I really like to make brownies. Except I’m also a little lazy and I usually use a brownie mix (gluten free), but I always add ‘extras’. One of my favorite extras to add right now is a tablespoon of Black Onyx Cocoa Powder. I got this awesome cocoa powder at Savory Spice Shop in Denver when I was on vacation about a month ago. It’s really dark and smells absolutely delicious, but it has almost no fat in it like regular cocoa powder does, so you have to mix it with regular cocoa powder. It add a lovely earthy, dark chocolate flavor to brownies and cakes. I used it in my son’s 13th birthday cake, and then we added strawberry cream cheese frosting and it was basically the greatest food ever! My son agreed because he has a thing for chocolate too, must be genetic.

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