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Curiosity 9: Handmade Owls

I have knit several Owl related items recently for swaps on Ravelry.

Owl Bookmark

Knit with yarn I dyed.


Owl Tea Tote

Also knit with yarn I dyed. The eyes are buttons I pulled off an old, thrifted sweater


Owl Card

This is a combination of knitting and felt. Knitting the owl is easy and very quick!


These are all free and quick projects and I really enjoy creating things for other people to enjoy. I like to give handmade presents to people. I think the time and effort put into the item is part of the gift. I have the skills needed to make things and I enjoy the time spent. I know not everyone is into crafting but I always tell people when I was a kid I didn’t have video games (not allowed to), cable tv (lived in the ‘boonies’), or the internet (not until I was about 16 or so). So reading and creating things were what kept me occupied. It also gives me a way to be productive while watching hours of shows on Netflix. TV doesn’t engage my brain enough, I need something in my hands to be able to sit still and relax. I get to watch hours of tv and still be productive!

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