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Curiosity 10: More Hand Dyed Mini Skeins

This is a combination of Turquoise, Brown and Pink. I really, really like this combo and plan to dye more of this.   This is turquoise, brown, orange and green. This is a ‘witchy’ color, it will self striped acid green and dark purple.   Here is some of the yarn I dyed knit up. […]

Curiosity 7: Hexipuffs

Here are my first completed hexipuffs. These are super quick to knit up, but to make a substantial sized blanket you need a number I’m not willing to think about. It’s a lot. This is going to be my on the go, don’t have to think, knitting. The pattern to make a plain hexipuff is […]

Interesting 5: Mini-skein Dyeing

I made up a bunch of mini skeins so I could experiment with various colors combinations and techniques. I have finally succumbed to the lure of hexipuffs (also known as the Beekeeper’s Quilt, a super awesome pattern by Tiny Owl Knits). I want to make each hexipuff something special to me or to my family. […]

Curiosity 6: Owl Bag

I recently decided to knit this little owl bag. It is a free pattern on Ravelry and only took a few hours to finish. I knit the colored portions from yarn I dyed (see this post). I am really pleased with the results and how the yarn knit up. I am planning more dyeing experiments […]

Interesting 1: Yarn dye techniques

Today’s experiments were dying yarn in the ‘cake’ so that the dye absorbs more on the outside of the skein and less on the inside. I’m really pleased with how this worked and want to do more of this in the future.  I think next time I will add dye to the middle of the […]

Beautiful 1: Yarn

I have been experimenting with hand dying yarn. Since yarn is one of my obsessions and I have had the supplies to dye with for awhile I decided it was finally time to try it. I really enjoyed the process, it makes me feel like a mad scientist, mixing up the dye, wearing gloves and […]