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Curiosity 3: Magic Yarn Ball

This idea is super awesome! A magic yarn ball is a ball of yarn full of hidden surprises that you find as you knit. Here is a link to the full description and how to make one.

Curiosity 2: Bag

I made this bag: Following this tutorial The tutorial has lots of pictures, which is good for me, because while I have sewed since I was a little kid I am still only a beginner. I like to sew straight lines! (and I hate pins and irons!). I like the results but I don’t think […]

Curiosity 1: Unicorn Button Jar

I created this button jar/pincushion by knitting a simple round circle, from the center out. I added some stuffing and drew the stitches tight around the mason jar lid. I decided it needed a unicorn to watch over the buttons. The unicorn is from thisĀ pattern on Ravelry. The yarn used for the pincushion lid is […]

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