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Beautiful Beginning: A New Perspective

I have not blogged for over a year, but I have been thinking about this little blog of mine. As I express myself creatively, by making and learning new things I feel the urge to share what I make and some of my creative process. For I am very much a ‘maker’. I like to […]

Beautiful 7: Lace Cardigan

I completed a long standing work-in-progress this weekend. It is the lace cardigan of doom awesome. I really, really, really like this cardigan and I’m so happy with it, it is so soft and fits perfectly BUT I am not ready to forgive the knitted on edging yet. It took FOREVER! I knit the body […]

Beautiful 6: Pi Shawl-Mary Lennox Complete!

I finished my Mary Lennox pi shawl. It was a lot of fun (and time) to make. It has quite a few beads and is almost as tall as I am, but it’s so beautiful. I think I need to figure out how to display it on the wall. Or I need more fancy events […]

Beautiful 5: More Tea Cups

One of the items I look for when I go to thrift stores or yard sales is tea cups. I have a small collection of pretty, or unusual tea cups. I especially like hand painted ones and colorful cups. Here is a recent find. The cup is a little larger than a regular teacup and […]

Beautiful 4: Tea Cups

I love looking at beautiful tea cups on Pinterest. I have a whole Tea board with all kinds of pretties on it. I was lucky enough to find a few gorgeous tea cups at the swap meet recently. I really like the teacups that have ‘feet’ and these are some good examples. This teal one […]

Beautiful 3: Bargello Embroidery

Recently I came across a style of embroidery that I have seen before but did not know it was a special type. It’s called Bargello embroidery. There are few more examples here and this page has a bunch of interesting links. It appeals to me because of it’s simplicity. It’s the same stitch just moved […]

Beautiful 2: Embroidery

I had the urge recently to do some embroidery. It seemed like it would be relaxing since all you have to do is follow the lines. I had a spare piece of muslin and some embroidery thread lurking in my sewing desk. After getting a cheap hoop, here is what I managed last night while […]

Beautiful 1: Yarn

I have been experimenting with hand dying yarn. Since yarn is one of my obsessions and I have had the supplies to dye with for awhile I decided it was finally time to try it. I really enjoyed the process, it makes me feel like a mad scientist, mixing up the dye, wearing gloves and […]