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Beautiful Beginning: A New Perspective

I have not blogged for over a year, but I have been thinking about this little blog of mine. As I express myself creatively, by making and learning new things I feel the urge to share what I make and some of my creative process. For I am very much a ‘maker’. I like to take ideas from various sources (cough *pinterest*, cough *etsy*) and make them my own. I am inspired by the creativity of others and I also love to learn new things and try new crafts.

I am still very much a capital K Knitter, but I have other interests as well. The latest interest/obsession I have is making my own beauty products and bath products. So far I have had great success with sugar scrubs, bath bombs, face scrubs, undereye serum, and a tinted sunscreen/foundation base. Today I wanted to make something quick and easy that smelled yummy for my kids and myself.

So I pulled out the ingredients for making bath bombs and make some very simple and small bath bombs or fizzies if you like. My son Andrew calls them ‘science’. I think they are just a tiny bit magic.

I used the basic bath bomb recipe which is 2 parts baking soda to 1 part citric acid, spray this mixture with witch hazel until it sticks together (about 20 sprays, maybe more, I have a tiny spray bottle). I added 3 different scents to suit mine and my kids tastes.

The first one I added lavender essential oil, and I broke open a Lavender Honey tea bag to add to the mix as well.

The second I simply added Lime essential oil, and the third I added a Cheer Up Buttercup essential oil blend that smells very citrusy.

I used a small silicone flower mold to make the bath bombs. I have several different shapes and sizes of silicon molds that are usually used for baking but work very well for bath bombs. You don’t have to have a specialized bath bomb mold to make these.

Once the bath bombs were done I filled a large bowl with hot water and dropped one in. It is really delightful to watch them fizz and the smell is wonderful. I stuck my tired feet into the bowl of warm water and relaxed.

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