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Beautiful 8: Ornament Tree

I saw this idea on Pinterest a few months ago and remembered it in time to decorate my office for Christmas. I didn’t want to drag a tree all the way to work so this ornament tree was perfect. It also gave me a chance to sort through all my ornaments and discard broken or unloved ones (and donate them so they can find a home that appreciates them). As I was sorting I looked for mostly flat ornaments so they would hang well on the wall and because I found so many similar ornaments I decided a theme would be fun too. So here is my colorful and snowy “tree”.


I tried sticking the ornaments to the wall with Washi tape but many were too heavy and the wall was too textured for it to stick well so I ended up using push pins in green and white. I’m pleased with my little bit of Christmas to brighten my office on the gloomy gray days we have had recently.

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