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Beautiful 7: Lace Cardigan


I completed a long standing work-in-progress this weekend. It is the lace cardigan of doom awesome. I really, really, really like this cardigan and I’m so happy with it, it is so soft and fits perfectly BUT I am not ready to forgive the knitted on edging yet. It took FOREVER! I knit the body in a week or two and the sleeves both went relatively quickly but the knitted on edging….YEARS! (ok maybe months….)

Here is is on me. It’s really soft (like wearing fluffy baby kitties) and it keeps me warm even though it’s lacy and thin.


I totally want more of this yarn, it’s Malabrigo Lace and it’s single ply, so it’s soft and fiddly and I love it. I think it might pill easily but I really don’t care because it’s so soft. I wore it all day yesterday and no pilling so far!


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