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Beautiful 6: Pi Shawl-Mary Lennox Complete!

I finished my Mary Lennox pi shawl. It was a lot of fun (and time) to make. It has quite a few beads and is almost as tall as I am, but it’s so beautiful. I think I need to figure out how to display it on the wall. Or I need more fancy events to go to where I can wear it. More details on my project page on Ravelry. This was a great Mystery Knit A Long and the second shawl I have made by this designer. (The first was White Snows of Winter, project page here).


The yarn I used is a gorgeous 30% silk, 70% merino wool, that was hand dyed in a semi solid of light green with subtle hints of yellow. The brand is Your Daily Fiber Dyed by Darrell which I have only seen at fiber festivals and I am unable to find it online. If you see this brand, buy some! It’s awesome yarn.

The shawl incorporates several Estonian stitches such as nupps and a 9 over 5 stitch (I can’t find a reference for this but the basic idea is that you create 9 stitches out of knitting 5 together) that produce really neat effects. The shawl also incorporated the story of the Secret Garden in it. The center starts with a winding path to the secret garden, created with random purl stitches, until you find the key (done with beads). Then there is a section of ivy, with one portion a door in the ivy. After that there are several gardens and there are multiple stitch patterns to choose from in the pattern to create the gardens. All of which look like flowers or leaves of some type. I will definitely have to knit this shawl again someday!

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