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Beautiful 1: Yarn

I have been experimenting with hand dying yarn. Since yarn is one of my obsessions and I have had the supplies to dye with for awhile I decided it was finally time to try it. I really enjoyed the process, it makes me feel like a mad scientist, mixing up the dye, wearing gloves and a mask (for acid dyes the risk is inhaling the powder, once it’s mixed it’s perfectly safe). Then applying the dye to the yarn, I found some old printer ink cartridge refill syringes that I have been using to help me ‘paint’ the dye on. Here are the first few skeins I dyed:


The first one on the left, is the first one I did and was pretty happy with the results. The universal favorite is the second from the right. With the pretty yellows mixed with purples and blues.

More dye experiments to come!


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