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March, 2016

Awesome: Herbal Sugar Scrub

I made a sugar scrub today that I really liked. I took 2 Lavender Honey Stress relief tea bags, broke them open and put them in a jar. Then I added maybe 1/2 cup of white sugar and a few glugs of almond oil (I know this is really scientific) just enough to moisten the […]

Interesting: Sugar Scrub Cubes

I saw several items on Pinterest about sugar scrub cubes. I have made sugar scrub several times now and it is really simple. I will have to write a post about it soon. But sugar scrub cubes were intriguing, because they keep longer and are easier to store and you can make them into fun […]

Curious: Handmade Lotion

I experimented with making lotion today. I think it turned out well. I was a recipe specifically for stretch marks but it feels like a nice thick lotion that could be used all over. My Pinterest Homemade Beauty board has the link to the recipe I used. Here is the original recipe I halved the […]

Beautiful Beginning: A New Perspective

I have not blogged for over a year, but I have been thinking about this little blog of mine. As I express myself creatively, by making and learning new things I feel the urge to share what I make and some of my creative process. For I am very much a ‘maker’. I like to […]